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Joining Team Fusion:

All new paddlers are given the opportunity to try paddling with Team Fusion for one week (three practices) before they must make a decision about joining the team.   Once the decision is made to join the team then the dues associated with joining must be paid.


Where:   1510 SW Harbor Way (Behind the RiverPlace Hotel by the five flag poles.) This is for dragon boat practice. Outrigger practice is next to the Harborside restaurant. South at the other end of the walkway.

When:   Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm. You will need to get there at a minimum of 30 minutes early. This will allow us to show you how to paddle and warm up before we get on the water. Practices last for about an hour and a half.

This is a sport that involves commitment.  That being said, we always strive to have a good time and make it as fun as possible!

What to expect:

Dragonboating is a sport like no other.  We strive to help each paddler become the best he/she can be.  It is customary for the coach and/or other experienced team members to help out the newer paddlers by working with them directly.   Lots of information will be given at each practice.  This can be a little intimidating, but as long as you give it your all, you will succeed.  You may (will) have some sore muscles that you didn’t know existed for the first few practices but it will get better with consistent attendance.

We will be working hard and keeping hydrated is important.  Please bring water to drink for each practice.

The likelihood of getting wet is high so it is best to wear wicking, breathable or gortex fabric.  Cotton is highly discouraged.  If it is cold out try to wear layers because you will be generating heat as you paddle.

Eat light before practice!  We paddle by rotating and using our core.  A full stomach makes it more difficult.