History of Team Fusion

Team Fusion is a dragon boat team founded in 2006 by our coach Eric Ledecky aka “Ducky”. Ducky and 13 paddlers from 6 different Rose Festival teams had a dream to paddle in more than just the Portland Rose Festival Race.  This dedicated group of paddlers “fused” together to create Team Fusion.  Together they reached their original goal by competing in races throughout Oregon and Washington.

The tradition continues today with Team Fusion routinely competing in races throughout the Northwest with a goal of expanding even farther.  We currently include paddlers of all ages and from all walks of life.   While we are a fun loving recreational team we have a very strong tradition of racing and a desire to do well and it shows.

We practice three times a week, all year round.   Yes, we have practice in the wind, hail, snow, sideways rain and in the sun!    WE HAVE A PASSION FOR THIS SPORT!