Welcome to Team Fusion

For thirteen years, Team Fusion has been helping paddlers from diverse backgrounds come together for fun, friendship, fitness and competition. Whether you’ve been paddling for years, or you’ve never thought of yourself as an athlete but you are looking to get fit and meet some new friends. Dragon boating can provide a full-body workout while introducing you to new people and giving you a view of downtown Portland people ever see.

Join Us

We’re looking for paddlers of all experience and ability levels to join the team. We’ll teach you our stroke and support you as you work to improve your form and grow stronger with a supportive group of friends.

Fund Raisers

Team Fusion has sold coffee, done car washes, bottle drop and 4 run beer gardens for fund raisers. The last beer garden we raised $1480 for SAR (Search and Rescue.)


First time dragon boating? Wondering what to wear? Do you need a crash course on what to expect? We got the answers for you.

Next Race: World Beat Festival in Salem, OR








Join Us On The Water

Team Fusion practices Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30pm – 8:00pm

We meet at the 5 flag poles next to the River Place Hotel.

Where To Find Us

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